Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a huge database of internet resources such as web pages, programs, images, videos, etc. Search Engine Optimization helps to locate information on the World Wide Web (www). Users can search for any information in form of keywords. when you search then it provides information in their database and returns it to the user.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a method by using that method you can promote your product or service organically and generate leads for your business or company. Digi Organize is a digital marketing agency that provides SEO service at an affordable (Cheap) price with a better result on your target keyword. A user-friendly website that ranks higher in Search Engines. Improve your Search Engine Ranking.

Search Engine Organization (SEO) is a process by using that process, you can organically rank on your website. SEO is all about, your work and your strategy make, update information that provides a search engine. Search engine always updates their information to fill the loop on their system and try to update the latest system so that the user gets a better result while its system.

Search Engine Optimization work categorize into different parts and its work never ends.

Some basic things that every SEO Manager should do while working on it. Two types of Search Engine Optimization access:-

1. On-Page SEO  

2.Off-Page SEO


1. On-Page SEO - There are lots of free SEO plugins available on the WordPress website, but we analyze all the things personally & our work is based on the satisfying result that we get after analysis of the website. New startup can get more leads on online through SEO-On page

Working Area:-

  • 1. Title Tags Optimization
  • 2. URL Optimization
  • 3. Internal linking & Optimization
  • 4. Image & ALT Tag Optimization
  • 5. Content Optimization
  • 6. txt Creation
  • 7. HTML & XML Sitemap Submission
  • 8. Schema For Contact
  • 9. Google Search Console
  • 10. Bing Webmaster Tools
  • 11. Google Analytics
  • 12. HTML Code Cleanup and Optimization
  • 13. Location-Based Page Optimization


Local SEO-

  • 1. Google My Business Setup and Verification
  • 2. Google Places Optimization
  • 3. Google My Business Customer Reviews/ratings
  • 4. Bing local listing

2. Off-Page SEO - Off-page SEO is all about work, done from outside the website. Creating a social media or Promotional Score account like Facebook, Pinterest, Forum, Medium account like Quora, etc.

Working Area -

  • 1. Blog Writing & Submission
  • 2. Article Submission & Bookmarking
  • 3. PDF/Doc Submission
  • 4. Classifieds Ads
  • 5. Web 2.0
  • 6. Blog Commenting
  • 7. Press Release Writing & Submission
  • 8. Directory Submission
  • 9. Guest Blog Posting
  • 10. Blog Posting
  • 11. Search Engine Submission
  • 12. Site Ping
  • 13. Social Bookmarking
  • 14. Infographic Creation
  • 15. Status And Report
  • 16. Google Analytics Report
  • 17. SEO Activity Report
  • 18. Search Engine Rank Reports